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XLPE/EPR underground cables

Difference in properties, characteristics, application, installation, performance, code requirements, economics, etc. are the reasons why there are different types of underground conductors/cables especially in the predominantly used medium voltage cables. Current trend indicates that EPR cables are the preference over XLPE cables considering all the factors that are being evaluated. One very significant issue where EPR becomes more advantageous is on the issue of after installation "proof testing" of the cable. While EPR cables can take either a DC high pot testing procedure or AC High pot testing procedure, installation of XLPE cables do not guarantee / recommend a DC High pot testing on their cables.

One overlooked issue on the choice of high pot testing is that the components being tested on high potential testing is not only the cables, but all of the components that make up the cable run, including cable splices, cable terminations, separable connectors, etc. Great percentage of cable installation failures are not attributed to the cables but to the integrity of the splices and terminations, and these failures are predicted through elevated DC high potential tests.

Basically, Copper and Aluminum are the metals extensively used as conductors, even to underground cables.

I feel that, the following factors need to be considered for selecting type of insulation.
  1. Voltage level or Voltage grade.
  2. Type of system - AC or DC.
  3. Type of Application of load.
  4. Method of usage - Rigid or Flexible.
  5. Method of laying.
  6. Surrounding atmosphere - Ambient temperature, Presence of moisture, Presence of water and etc.
  7. Exposure to acids, alkalies, chemicals and fumes.
  8. Exposure to mechanical damages.
  9. Operating temperature.
  10. Cost.

An Electrical engineer should have to consider all above parameters and decide the type of insulation.

An XLPE cable with stands to higher operating currents compared PVC because XLPE with stands to higher operating temperatures.

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