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Bridges are very common in Hi-Reli applications such as aircraft and almost necessary for inverters and variable frequency drives. I'm curious to hear which type of industry exhibited these "recent rumblings" about using bridges. As a contractor I have a good opportunity to witness a lot of problems with all types of topologies. Problems such as this or that transistor getting too hot are secondary; The main problem I ALWAYS see is that a worst case analysis was not performed for extreme conditions.
A few years ago I wrote an article listing the things that can often fail in power supplies. Despite its simplicity, the article was the most downloaded on the website for a long time. Maybe that tells us something about the state of reliability as cost constantly gets battled down.
By controlling the discharge of working fluid into the turbine, you control the Torque produced by the turbine and thereby the Power output. The minimum discharge required to keep the system at the required RPM is achieved by allowing enough discharge to overcome the system inertia so that the machine can rotate.
Before the proper spacing of ground rods can be determined, the site needs to be evaluated to determine the soil conductivity. Some of the software programs used for grounding system design resulted in infinite ground rods that still did not reach the maximum resistivity desired. Chemical electrodes are more costly but some site conditions warrant their use.
Power factor is actually the factor of generated power utilized in performing useful work. Ideally it is equal to 1, but practically it is always less than 1 as current always take time to reach at lower potential points. The good example to understand this phenomenon is the traveling of air towards low pressure areas. Air always travels towards low pressure area but it can never reach at low pressure area in 0 seconds.
There are many ways of implementing SVPWM, it is having the third harmonic sine injected in to sine phase voltages to get better DC bus utilization (15% more). About the choice of a particular modulation, the SV-PWM (implementation is not important) with symmetrical edges is the most common, and IIRC it can be demonstrated that it provides the lowest current ripple.
You might want to use an isolation transformer between the variable frequency drive and the motor if the VFD is long distance from the motor.
An output filter typically adds a resistive/capacitive circuit that mitigates the harmful "spikes", protecting both the motor and wiring especially as the distance between the motor and VFD drive increases.
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Frequency directly represents no of rotation of rotor for that machine, the higher the frequency the more the rotation of the rotor, i.e. the rpm of the motor there by result ... Due to power electronics technology and microelectronics technology rapid development, variable frequency drive reforms and upgrades speed also is faster, introduce new products, ... Since the 21st century, China variable frequency drive industry is highly fission. Many foreign brands begin to set up factories in China, the implementation of the localization ... My personal preference is for an AC line reactor simply because it does a better job of protecting the variable frequency drive from the line and the line from the drive. I've ... As nowadays there is a trend in green energy production and energy efficiency, what solutions/applications would you recommend in reduction consumed energy of a motor driven by ...

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