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Variable frequency inverter (AC motor speed drive, VFD) manufacturer & supplier in China

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AC Motor Variable Speed Drive (VSD) - vector control mode

variable ac motor speed drive


We are a professional supplier in China who is specialized in asynchronous ac motor variable speed drive (VSD, also know as VFD) manufacturing for more than 10 years with advanced production lines & quality control system in our factory. Our variable motor speed drive can continuous running even if the electric power off in a certain time which can be set manually, this new & advanced feature allows the machine work automatically in the unstable electric power area, even more, it can track the asynchronous ac motor's speed in real time and start at the assigned speed when the power on, this makes the ac motor work more smoothly with less maintenance. Also, these kinds of variable speed ac motor drives inherited the most popular technical features, like PID control, vector control, RS 485 communication and much more.

Vector control variable speed drives

• Power range: 0.4kW to 2.2kW in single phase (1 AC)
                       0.75kW to 630kW in three phase (3 AC)
• Input voltage: 220V to 240V in both single phase (1 AC) and three phase (3 AC)
                       380V to 460V AC in 3 phase
                       Fluctuate range: ±15%
• Overload capacity: G: 60s for 150% rated current, 20s for 180% rated current
                               P: 30s for 120% rated current, 1s for 150% rated current
• Continuous running in instantaneous electric power off function
• Tracking the ac motor's speed in real time
• Built-in braking unit (for braking resistor connection) for 15kW and lower
• Offer RS485, support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
• Dynamic torque current control, rapid response to load's change
• Multi-function programmable input/output terminals
• Output low frequency in high start torque: 0.5Hz/150%
• Simple servo fixed-length control function
• Wobble frequency control special for spinning
• Load distribution control function
• Rich fault protection and operation monitoring function
• Built-in PID to allow both open loop & close loop control
• 32 bit high speed CPU special for AC motor control
• Simple PLC with multi-step control function
• Online modify and check parameters for the variable speed drives.

Saving your energy now

AC induction motors efficiency can exceed 90% when working at the rated loads. However, it's very inefficient when they work below the rated load, or running at part loads. Conventional electric ac motors typically use 60% to 80% of their rated input energy, especially running at less than 50% load.

Take an example, in the factory of most companies, the fans & pumps are always running at fixed speed, to get various flow rates it needs to control the automatic valve manually and make it not work at the rated loads. However, if the manufacturer adopts variable speed ac drives for the system, the VSD drive can adjust the fan's & pump's speed by changing the asynchronous ac motor speed automatically to get a desired flow rate. It results in electricity energy savings significantly as the motor's speed down, the damper or valve is not necessary and save labor force.

Generally, the variable speed drive is not just limited on pumps & fans, most applications can use a standard or energy efficient ac motor with a motor drive to improve energy saving and performance.

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