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brake unit brake unit Braking unit for variable frequency inverters
Brake unit is short for frequency inverter dedicated energy braking unit or regenerative energy unit, mainly use for controlling heavy mechanical load and the situation requires rapid braking speed, to adsorb the motor's regenerate electric energy by brake resistor or feed back to current.
Braking resistor Braking resistor Braking resistor for variable motor speed drives
Braking resistor is one types of RXHG resistors, it's been used in controlling motor brake in variable frequency drives mechanism, to convert the regenerated electric energy into thermal energy during braking process of the electric motors.
EMI filter EMI filter EMI filter for variable frequency drives
EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) filter is used for restraining the transmission of electromagnetic noise generated by the variable frequency drive, and also can control external radio interference and electric transient surge to impact the ac drives.
AC line reactor AC line reactor line reactor and load reactor for variable frequency drives
AC line reactor, just show as what name it's, is connected on the ac input line side of a variable frequency drive, to counteract instantaneous voltage spike in the power grid line and protect the vfd from damaged by voltage surges, hence to enhance its service life, on another side, the line reactor can reduce harmonics produced by the ac drives to affect original power grid lines.