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Variable frequency inverter (AC motor speed drive, VFD) manufacturer & supplier in China

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Management Concept
The simplest management concept which Gozuk adheres is to make contribution to the development of society by creating the best quality product and offering best services on basis of talents and technology. Our staff takes this concept into their work every day. Gozuk attracts a lot of excellent talents by offering them affluent resources to bring their own ability into full play. All products and services offered by Gozuk will make people’s daily life more convenient and colorful while safe, which is the basic concept of creating better life for the society.

Our value
We believe that the effort based on the powerful value positioning is the key for the successful business. At Gozuk, the strict code of conduct and such core values form the basis for us to make any decision.

Personnel Respect
“Talent is the soul of Gozuk”,We always try to offer staff as many opportunities as possible to take their potentiality into full play.

Excellence Pursuit
To be the best in the world in every aspect of inverter Field by taking our utmost possible effort.

Talent Concept
Talent is the foremost resource of an enterprise.
Respect Talents, Bring Up Talents

Undertakings of Gozuk takes basis on ethic and Morality, every aspects will be fair and fully open.

We shall assume all the responsibilities that an excellent enterprise citizen should bear in social and environmental protection aspects in order to seek the co-prosperity in every community, country and society.

Job opportunities: Overseas Sales

Job responsibility:
1. Responsible for sales and marketing in Russian regional markets (CIS)
2. Using various network platforms and resources to develop overseas customers independently, manage and maintain the customer   relationships
3. Plan and manage the target market’s sales channels and network
4. Collect and analyse the CIS region market and competitors’ information
5. Assist marketing colleague in planning, organizating of the CIS region exhibitions, and other promotional activities
6. Client reception, business negotiations
7. Following up orders with related colleagues to ensure delivery date
8. Complete daily work, submit weekly statements of work, and timely statistics, analysis of sales data
Job requirement:
1. Proficient in Russian, English, and can communicate with foreign customers smoothly
2. 1~3 years Russian foreign trade or Russian relevant work experience, familiar with foreign trade
3. Female, Bachelor’s degree, could accept the business trip abroad
4. Proactive optimistic, responsible, able to work under pressure
5. Russian or CIS countries market-related work experience preferred
6. Industrial Automation experience preferred