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Economic electric AC motor speed controller

ac electric motor speed controller


The 6000E series ac motor speed controller is manufactured to be an economic product, not only with very small & compact size for easy installation and competitive price, but also includes the same functions and performance with the standard motor speed controller to suitable most kinds of applications in energy saving drives solutions, like fans and pumps.

The power of these motor speed controllers just include two models of 1 phase 0.4kW and 0.75kW in 220V AC to 240V AC, plus-minus 15%. The functions are same as our general purpose variable speed drives, Like tracking the ac motor speed in real time, adjusting parameters online, remote control & diagnosis, close loop control with built-in PID, continuous running in instantaneous power off condition which is very useful for the company/manufacturer in an unstable electricity power grid area.

Main features of the ac motor speed controller

• Power step: 0.4kW, 0.75kW in single phase
• Voltage range: 220V, 230V, 240V ±15%
• Magnetic flux vector control mode
• Tracking the electric motor's speed function
• Built-in PID to allow close-loop control
• Built-in brake unit (for brake resistor connection)
• Output low frequency in high start torque: 0.5Hz/150%
• Continuous running in instantaneous electric power off
• 32 bit high speed CPU special for electric ac motor control
• Simple multi-step control function
• Load distribution control function
• Multiple programmable multi-function input/output terminals
• Offer RS485, support Modbus-RTU communication protocol
• Wobble frequency control special for spinning
• Simple servo fixed-length control function
• Rich fault protection and operation monitoring function
• Dynamic torque current control, rapid response to load's change
• Online modify and check parameters of the motor speed controller


Textile, Metal, Glass, Petrochemical, Chemical fiber, CNC machine, Fan & pump, Packaging, printing, Paper & printing, Plastic machining

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