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For cable lengths up to 100 meters (and motor suitable for inverter applications) it is not necessary a filter; for lengths from 100 to 200 meters, a series reactance can be used; for greater lengths it is necessary an LC filter at inverter terminals. The limit lengths can be different from different manufacturers and voltage levels (LV/MV).
In DC breaking, frequency inverter injects DC current in stator of Motor & with that DC current Stator will try to lock the rotor. There will be stationary field instead of rotating field in between stator & Rotor of Motor.
This is DC breaking i.e. DC injection, this application being used in cranes for increasing starting torque & in some handloom machine for breaking applications where mechanical breaks are not available or suitable.
AC reactors reduce harmonics, mitigates transient conditions and helps to maintain proper phase to phase voltages. DC reactors will also mitigate harmonics however it will provide more harmonic attenuation than a equally sized AC reactor.
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Frequency directly represents no of rotation of rotor for that machine, the higher the frequency the more the rotation of the rotor, i.e. the rpm of the motor there by result ... Due to power electronics technology and microelectronics technology rapid development, variable frequency drive reforms and upgrades speed also is faster, introduce new products, ... Since the 21st century, China variable frequency drive industry is highly fission. Many foreign brands begin to set up factories in China, the implementation of the localization ... My personal preference is for an AC line reactor simply because it does a better job of protecting the variable frequency drive from the line and the line from the drive. I've ... As nowadays there is a trend in green energy production and energy efficiency, what solutions/applications would you recommend in reduction consumed energy of a motor driven by ...

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