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UPS Battery System

Storage battery is an important component of UPS system. Choosing battery is not only related to the cost of the manufacturers, but also affecting the reliability of continuous power supply of UPS power. By the unique Li-ion battery technique and auxiliary system. devotes to developing and promoting backup power supply system and special use energy density Li-Fe battery applied in communication standby power supply, UPS continuous power supply, EPS fire emergency power supply and portable power supply. Backup power supply system can provide direct current to the equipment and charge the backup battery at the same time. The system has protective plate for over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit to ensure its safety use. It also has a balancer to balance the voltage of the continuous charging of UPS power supply. The advantages above make the equipment function properly and safely under power-off situation.

1. Features

a. Li-Fe battery has high specific energy. It has the 2/3 volume and 1/3 weight of lead-acid battery, therefore the volume of the UPS system is smaller.
b. Good performance on high rate charge-discharge: the storage battery that UPS acquires must have the character of maximum discharge in short time. Lead-acid battery can discharge continuously at 2~3C and charge at 0.2C. Compared with the lead-acid battery, Li-Fe battery produced by Green Ltd. can provide maximum continuous 10C discharge, momentary discharge at 20C and emergency charge at 3C. Thus, UPS power supply has been significantly improved in emergency condition.
c. High performance at high & low temperature: function properly over the temperature range of -40℃~60℃. The adaptation of UPS has been expanded in particular environment and it has an extremely extensive application prospect in the market.
d. Modularization: modularized battery in parallel connection and series compensation to improve the capacity and voltage of the battery pack. Thus the time of emergency power supply can be flexibly adjusted according to the customers’ requirement.
e. High safety coefficient: Li-Fe battery has high safety coefficient. With the protection measures of battery protection system for over charge, over discharge, over current and over heating, it’s safe to use.
f. Long service life: Li-Fe battery has a cycle life of 1500 times and a service life of 10 yeas on UPS.
g. Low self-discharge rate: 1.2% self-discharge rate per month while lead-acid battery is over 10% per month, therefore the storage performance can be greatly improved.
h. No pollution: Li-Fe battery is way better than lead-acid battery because it’s pollution-free during producing and using. Today with the development of science and technology, and the calls for environmental protection, lead-acid battery will and must be replaced by Li-Fe battery which will be the new trend of backup power supply industry development.

2. UPS Battery System Diagram
ups battery system diagram

Specific type and power rate can be designed according to the customers’ requirement and the battery module is based on solar power and wind power solutions.

1. Applications
a. UPS continuous power
b. EPS continuous power
c. Fire emergency and safety alert system
d. Emergency lighting system
e. Satellite navigation system
f. Telecommunication power

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