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Off-Line testing using Motor Circuit Analysis

Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) is a de-energized test method and the test can be initiated from the Motor Control Center (MCC) or directly at the motor. The advantage to testing from the MCC is the entire motor system, including the connections and cables between the test point and the motor, is evaluated.

ALL-TEST PRO MCA instruments apply a low voltage, non-destructive AC signal through the motor windings and measure the response to these signals. Winding faults are indicated by variances in the response to the applied signal through the windings. These variances cause unbalances in the measured response to the applied signal. Therefore, when testing 3-phase equipment such as motors, generators, or transformers the response of each phase is compared to the other two. When testing single phase devices or DC motors then the winding is compared to itself or compared to a like single phase device or a like DC motor.

ALL-TEST PRO MCA test instruments measure the phase angle (Fi), the current/frequency response (I/F), the impedance (Z) and depending upon the instrument, the resistance (R) and the inductance (L) of each winding. The unbalances of these measurements are compared and simple rules are used to determine the condition of the device under test. Moreover, each instrument will perform an insulation to ground test.

Computer software can be used to analyze the condition of the device under test and provide the user with a written report. Results can also be trended for identifying long term motor faults. I.e. used for Condition Based Maintenance or Predictive Maintenance purposes.

Additional investigation and analysis techniques are available to more thoroughly identify any of these variances in the winding so faults can be quickly and easily identified. These faults can be corrected or removed prior to energizing the winding preventing potential total destruction of the motor or other winding system.

For evaluation of the windings, whether a fault is developing between turns in a single coil, coils in the same phase, or coils across phases, the unbalance(s) between phases for the phase angle (Fi) and current/frequency response (I/F) measurements are evaluated.

The insulation to ground test is used to evaluate for conductor to ground issues.

Phase resistance is evaluated looking for connection issues, inductance is evaluated for possible rotor problems, and impedance and inductance matching are used to detect contamination or over-heating of the windings.

The off-line test takes only a few minutes and if testing from the MCC, the connections, cables and the motor are evaluated.

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