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Radiated noise from an AC drive cable is a source of interference with adjacent systems that is often easier to identify and rectify than common mode noise. In the latter, high levels of noise across a broad frequency range, often from 60 Hz to 30 MHz, can capacitatively couple from the windings of the motor to the motor frame, and then to ground.
HMI stands for Human Machine Interface and HMI is a term and not an application. HMI is the communication/interaction layer between the user and the process. In the process industry the "Human" is the operator and the "Machine" is the process control data and instruments. HMI is not a term exclusively used for processes but you can find the HMI in any system.
I have been involved in the design for production of many power electronic products, including switching power supplies, electronic ballasts and automotive electronics for Hybrid vehicles. What I have found is the consistency of the breakdown voltages is different for AC and DC. I've sampled 100 ballast from a high volume production line. 50 of the units were subjected to a slow ramp to a sufficiently high DC Hipot breakdown voltage. The other 50 units were subjected to the same ramp but with AC.
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Frequency directly represents no of rotation of rotor for that machine, the higher the frequency the more the rotation of the rotor, i.e. the rpm of the motor there by result ... Due to power electronics technology and microelectronics technology rapid development, variable frequency drive reforms and upgrades speed also is faster, introduce new products, ... Since the 21st century, China variable frequency drive industry is highly fission. Many foreign brands begin to set up factories in China, the implementation of the localization ... My personal preference is for an AC line reactor simply because it does a better job of protecting the variable frequency drive from the line and the line from the drive. I've ... As nowadays there is a trend in green energy production and energy efficiency, what solutions/applications would you recommend in reduction consumed energy of a motor driven by ...

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