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AC inverter drive for veneer peeling solution

Introduction of no card type veneer peeling
With the continuous improvement of our living standards, the rapid development of construction material, furniture and decoration industry promotes the manufacturing technology of artificial board and glued board developing synchronously. The requirements of wood rotary cutting equipment increased steadily, but most of factories use the backward rotary cutting equipment at present; it has the characteristic of low degree of automation and low production efficiency, so that the research of upgraded equipment becomes an urgent task.
The traditional structure of wood rotary cutting machine is fixed with a clamper, to hold the both ends of round wood by clamping jaw. For the round wood which the diameter is small, the stress will be asymmetrical due to the clamping jaw, the inflexibility in the middle section is weaker, cutter relieving and knife jumping will happen frequently, there will be a large thickness deviation of processed wood block.
The upgraded AC drive controlled veneer peeling without the clamper, the round wood is not lamped by the clamping jaw, and the clamping has no relationship with the quality of wood. The wood block with uniform thickness and same length can be processed by adjusting the rotary cutting speed and shearing speed, on the premise of precision satisfaction to increase the processing efficiency and utilization rate of wood.
ac drive inverter system

Brief introduction of the inverter drive system
The main control system is the core section of veneer peeling, it is the key system for processing precision and real-time controlling. The main components including PLC, AC drive inverter, communication interface, position stopper and emergency stop button. Every ON/OFF signals and data's storage and transmission is logically control by PLC during the productive process, the feedrate is fed back to PLC as a pulse signal which is converted by online type sensor, PLC will calculate its correspond output frequency and send it to AC inverter drive via Modbus communication to control the feed driving motor, to adjust the speed of peeling manufacture dynamically, the feed speed is monitored and feed back to PLC to constitute a close-loop control system, and the forward and reverse running of feed system is also controlled by PLC, the frequency pulse input signal is processed by control system to realize the real-time control of peeling process. The system’s operational principle is shown as below:

AC inverter drive for veneer peeling solution

Advantage of the inverter drive solution
Process precision is improved, operation is humanized, and wood utilization rate is increased. It saves the crude wood and improves the working efficiency.

Other Applications:

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