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Kevin speer
09-02-2013 09:55 PM

Kevin speer

I work for SemiSouth Laboratories, a manufacturer of high-voltage SiC electronic devices based in the USA (and the first company to introduce a commercially available SiC transistor in 2008). Although I am responsible for business development, I have a broad range of technical research experience in SiC materials science (epitaxial growth and crystal defect characterization) and SiC device design/fabrication/characterization. Because I am more of a materials scientist and semiconductor device physicist, I hope to learn more about power electronics and motor drives.

My interest in this group is based on the business development part of my job, as I look for opportunities where SemiSouth's SiC devices can be used in harsh environments (> 200 C), to reduce system size, and to improve system efficiency. Feel free to contact me privately, if you're interested.
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