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Rafal Ramotowski
11-02-2013 04:22 AM

Joint Venture in European E-mobility

Few years ago (in 2008) two separate companies have been founded in Poland. Both were rebuilding cars into electric drives ("conversion"). There was some communication between them, but cooperation was very slow and limited.
Last year these two companies have changed strategy and decided to build new joint venture. Now EVC-GROUP.EU contains of few daughter companies. These companies manufacture:
- electric motors for different types of vehicles (1-120kW),
- electronic devices (including high-power electronics and control systems),
- lithium battery packs.
EVC is now professionally manufacturing electric drives for different vehicles and complete electric cars.
Result of the joint venture foundation was a signed contract for about 2000 (!) electric cars for taxi corporation in Warsaw, Poland (based on Ford Mondeo) and few other nice contracts including electric marine projects worldwide.
11-02-2013 06:35 AM
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Rafal Ramotowski
11-02-2013 06:35 AM
I wrote this note to show you how successful joint venture companies can be. I am experiencing it every single day. One of these two companies was mine...
Instead of competing we started to cooperate very closely. We shared our knowledge and experience. Within the team we also split our responsibilities. Currently I am responsible for communication management, marketing and representation of joint company. I am also searching for new interesting projects. My colleague took responsibility for all the manufacturing activities, research and development. Everyone is doing what he's best at.
Thank to our cooperation we build up our production capacities and we are able to get involved in much bigger projects. We are working hard about completely new product lines like new drives, new battery management systems, new high power motor control systems.

I enjoy very much telling you all of that. I hope also that all of you - electric vehicle enthusiasts - like to hear about such powerful player on the EV market and I will keep you informed about all of our new successful applications.
If you like to contact me with some bright ideas of cooperation, just write me an e-mail at: or or call: +48-783-393-393

Best regards,
Rafal Ramotowski

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