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07-25-2012 02:22 AM

How is the AC drive saving energy?

I am new in this AC drives, it may call variable frequency drive, most people said it can save energy in most industries with motors, anyone can list an example?
07-25-2012 03:41 AM
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07-25-2012 03:41 AM
The AC drive is used for control the AC motor, only AC motor.

Main advantage is saving electricity, saving percent depends on the application and running time.
The other is protect the motor, you can see if a big machine start, other machines will be effected like low voltage.
After you use drive, the power grid line is more stable and no instantaneous current shock to the motor.

Here is a example in saving, you have a vegetable greenhouse and need to control the inside temperature with a fan,
the fan don't need to operation at it's full load all the time, how to control it according to a certain temperature automatically?
Then the AC drive comes.

Actually more than 85 percents machines with motors can apply AC drive to save electricity and protect the machines.
It's really a huge market.
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