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07-29-2012 09:18 AM

AC drive joint venture in India

Few years ago lot of companies in AC drive sector entered India from Taiwan like Delta, Taian Electric (Teco), Cutes Corporation, Edelley Power Resources, etc even after making great breakthrough only Delta reached the highest sales success and today also continue to be in forefront with very good market standing only because of first their quality, second their specsmenship with many customized applications addressed, and most competitive pricing strategy. This was also supported with a very good flavor of post sales back office support including spares.

Joint Venture on AC drive can be very fruitful as on the pillar of trust the business strategies are formed. What is important is to find a right type of partner in India and have a clear transparent structured sales strategies in place. Unfortunately there are many association after so many years still don't enjoy the healthy relationship in case of distributorship and hence the business suffers.

What is of prime concern is quality, ex-stock delivery, very competitive price and service support pan India.
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