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08-15-2012 11:45 PM

Servo motor debugging method

1, the initialization parameter

Before wiring, initialization parameters.

On the control card: select the control mode; PID parameters to be cleared; allow to control the power on the card when the enable signal is off by default; this state of preservation, to ensure that the control card again on the power that this status.

: Set the control mode servo motor; set by an external control; encoder signal output gear ratio; set the ratio between control signal and the motor speed. In general, it is recommended that the maximum design speed in the servo in the corresponding control voltage of 9V. for example, is set 1V voltage corresponding to the speed, the factory is 500, if you are only prepared to allow the motor to turn the following work in 1000, then this parameter is set to 111.

2, wiring

The control card power connection between the control card and servo signal lines. The following line must be connected: control card analog output line enable signal line, the servo output of the encoder signal line. No error review wiring, motor and control card (and PC) on electricity. In this case, the motor should not move, and can easily use external rotation, if not, check the enable signal settings and wiring. External rotation motor, check the control card is correctly detected the changes of motor position, otherwise check the wiring and setup of the encoder signal.

3, direction test

For a closed-loop control system, if the direction of the feedback signal is not correct, the consequences must be disastrous. Control card to open the servo enable signal. This is the servo should rotate at a lower speed, this is the legendary "zero drift". The general control of the inhibition of the zero drift instructions or parameters on the card. Use this command or parameter, see the motor speed and direction can be controlled by this directive (parameter). If you can not control, check the analog wiring and control parameter settings. Confirmation is given a positive number, the motor is transferred, the encoder count increases; given a negative number, the winding back around, the encoder count decreases. If the motor load with limited travel, do not use this way. The tests do not give too much voltage, it is recommended below 1V. If the direction is inconsistent, you can modify parameters on the control card or motor, to achieve consistency.

4, establishment of closed-loop control

Again through the servo control card enable signal liberalized, a smaller percentage gain on the control card input, as to how much count smaller, this can only be the seat of your pants, if it is not assured, the input control cards to allow minimum value. Control card and servo enable signal open. At this time, the motor should have been able to in accordance with the motion commands generally make the action a.

5, adjusting the loop parameters

Fine-tune the control parameters, to ensure that the motor in accordance with the instruction movement of the control card, which must work to be done, and this part of the work, the more experience here can only be omitted.
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