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08-13-2012 09:18 AM

AC drive market in China

According to relevant statistics, China's potential market space general AC drive is about 120 billion to 180 billion yuan, of which, atmospheric pressure transducer accounted for about 60% of market share, and the needs of the high voltage ac drives in the relative quantity is less, but because the single machine power frequency converter, price is high, also accounted for about 40% of the market. At present domestic belt change load, the energy saving potential motor with at least 180 million kw, and thus for the application of frequency converter provides a huge market.

Data shows, in recent years, our country ac drives market has always kept 12% ~ 15% growth rate, at least expected in the next five years, the drives market demand will remain the growth rate of more than 10%. And in the 10 years later, variable frequency drive market can gradually saturated.

Of course, with the needs of the user progress and diversification, variable frequency drive function of products and perfect and increase, integration and systematic degree also more and more high, and there have been some special field energy saving products ac drive. The energy saving principle of frequency drive for: VFD makes electric motor and load drag in without any changes in accordance with the production process can require the adjustment output speed and reduce the motor power consumption, energy saving and emission reduction in the field has huge unique advantages, achieve the purpose of efficient operation of the system. Cable information hundreds of party, the common market in China and have a large VFD drives brands are:

Import brand ABB, Siemens, Yaskawa, Fuji, Schneider, Emerson, mitsubishi, danfoss, rockwell, etc.

Domestic brand: hope senlan, sunfar, ALPHA, sinee, powtran, INVT makes full general and so on.

From the whole look, at present our country VFD drives industry the increasingly fierce competition. Since the market attractive, not only the market has formed certain scale, and potential capacity is also very impressive, and attracting new industry participants, inverter technology development, make the inverter in electric power, cement, elevator, mining, metallurgical, transportation and other modern areas to be unprecedented promotion and application, believe that frequency converter application will be more and more widely, the market has a good prospect. Should the enterprise frequency converter through the "1025" energy conservation and emission reduction in east wind, better set up the idea of saving energy. The energy saving of the products performance is more on a higher level, the AC drive for the future development of the enterprise is very favorable.
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