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variable frequency power source

variable frequency power source
?.Frequency conversion power range/variable frequency power source scope of application :
¦ research and development?make?experiment ¦Export electrical appliances product testing
¦ aviation?shipping?AVDD. ¦Electronic ballast is testing. ¦Electronic ballast is testing.
¦ Defense military research unit ¦Mains Power Supply Testers
¦ Electrical appliances product life test ¦Computer monitors tests
¦ Photocopier OA product testing ¦Air conditioning compressor test
¦ PTC electric heaters test ¦Transformer motor test
?.Inverter power outlined/variable frequency power source summarize :
¦input frequency :50Hz,60Hz?400Hz?
¦output voltage:0~300VAC
¦Output frequency: 40.0~499.9Hz front thumbwheel type.
¦Voltage frequency current power table with 4 digit LED display, simple, easy to read high resolution.
¦Voltage (V) frequency (Hz) current (A) power (W) four Windows and measurement show without switching
¦No radiation interference, including harmonic composition by special treatment
and small, do not produce interference.
¦pureness?Stable sine wave?
¦high-capacity?minute extension?low noise?high reliability .
¦ Overload ability,instantaneous electric current affordable rated current of the three times?
¦After high temperature with over current protection against overvoltage and warning devices?
¦Suitable for resistance-type capacitive inductive and other nonlinear load use.

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