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08-24-2012 09:08 AM

Use inverter in correct ways

Improper use of the inverter, it's not only can't show its excellent features, but also may damage the inverter and its equipment, like cause interference impact etc, therefore following points should be concerned:

1. Choose the frequency inverter properly.
2. Read the product user manual carefully, and wiring, install it under the manual specification requirements.
3. The frequency inverter should be grounded properly, to reduce radio interference and prevent the inverter from electric leakage shock.
4. While use inverter to control electric motor speed, the temperature and noise of the motor is higher than power frequency electricity grid; In low speed status, should pay attention to ventilation cooling or appropriate to reduce the load as the motor fan speed is slow, in order to avoid motor temperature rise exceeds the allowable value.

5. The impedance of the power supply lines can not be too small. Inverter access to the low-voltage grid distribution transformer capacity of more than 500KVA, or distribution transformer capacity is 10 times greater than the capacity of the inverter, or the inverter connected to the place very close from the distribution transformer, loop impedance, input the moment the great inrush current of the inverter, rectifier elements will damage the frequency inverter.
08-24-2012 09:11 AM
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08-24-2012 09:11 AM
6, when the grid three-phase voltage imbalance is greater than 3%, the inverter input current peak on the great cause inverter and cable overheating or damage to electronic components, when the need to install AC reactor. Transformer for the V-shaped connection is more serious, in addition to retrofitting reactors in the AC side needed a DC choke on the DC side.
7, you can not improve power factor and installed in the line-side large capacitors can not be installed between the motor and the inverter capacitor, otherwise it would decline in line impedance, resulting in over-current damage to the transducer.
8, the inverter outlet side can not parallel compensation capacitor, also in order to reduce the high harmonics of the inverter output voltage shunt capacitors, otherwise it may damage the inverter. In order to reduce harmonic series reactor.

9, with inverter speed control start and stop, can not operate directly with the circuit breaker and contactor application inverter control terminal to operate, otherwise it will cause the inverter out of control, and may cause severely punished consequences.
10, the inverter and the motor in general should not be the installation of AC contactor to avoid drying up instantly generate overvoltage damage the inverter. For the installation, the inverter operation, the output contactor should be closed; before disconnecting the drive should stop output.
11, for normal motor inverter drive constant torque operation of occasions, should avoid long-term low-speed operation, otherwise the motor cooling effect of variation severe fever. If you need constant torque at low speed for a long run, we must use the inverter motor.
12, for lifting loads, frequent starting and stopping of the occasion, there will be negative torque generated braking resistor in need of appropriate parameters, or the drive will trip due to overcurrent or overvoltage fault.

13, when the motor otherwise the brake, the inverter should work in freewheel stop and braking action signal should issue a stop command to the inverter and then issued.
14, inverter external braking resistor can not be less than the the inverter allows brought braking resistor. In the meet braking requirements premise, braking resistor should be larger. Must not should be connected to the braking resistor terminals A non-shorting, otherwise, the brake switch tube short circuit accident.
15, is connected to the inverter and the motor is not allowed megger measure the insulation resistance of the motor, otherwise, the megohmmeter output high voltage inverter may be damaged.
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