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08-15-2012 10:50 AM

Important factors in servo motor design

Today, servo systems and CNC, PLC, inverter and other automation products, as used in the various areas of industrial production has matured. Always), but in practical applications, a number of confounding factors, the normal operation of the servo system, such as pulses are not allowed to drive false positives, and even the device is out of control and malfunction, the threat to the safety of people and machinery. These problems, the equipment manufacturers will always be considered a product defect, the automation vendors to help resolve, or even replace other brands of industrial products, the existing industrial products has become the innocent "scapegoat". In fact, this situation regardless of the imported products and domestic products will have a probability of occurrence, only in the imports of equipment, particularly in Europe and machinery and equipment, pay more attention to the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design and installation of the specification, taken the necessary anti-jamming measures, and thus greatly reduce the impact of confounding factors.

Industrial control equipment reliability and stability not only depends on the reliable design of industrial control products, depends on the design and construction of the equipment manufacturers to install ring. Analysis of the servo system in the industrial areas of common confounding factors, and described the commonly used anti-jamming measures, combined with practical work experience at the author over the years to help engineers and equipment manufacturers to properly use our products, to achieve device stable and reliable operation.

What is EMC economic recovery market demand

With the improvement of the overall economic situation in China, the servo system key application industries such as machine tools, semiconductor electronics, textiles, packaging, printing, new energy backlog of orders quickly released, the servo market demand, many domestic servo brands has developed rapidly.

Servo products for the OEM market, including machine tools, electrical machinery, textile machinery, packaging and other traditional industries are still the main market of the servo. Particular note is the rapid development of wind power industry for the application of the servo initial maturity. The tremendous business opportunities from carbon reduction is also overlooked.

The literal translation is electromagnetic compatibility EMC stands for Electro Magnetic Compatibility. International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) of EMC is defined as equipment or system to meet the requirements of the ability to run is not any device in the environment can not tolerate electromagnetic interference in its electromagnetic environment. "Therefore, the precision planetary gear EMC includes two aspects: the one hand, refers to the electromagnetic interference generated by the equipment during normal operation on the environment in which can not exceed a certain limit (EMI); the other hand, refers to the component where the electromagnetic interference present in the environment to a certain degree of immunity, namely, electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS). Simply put, electronic equipment interference and anti-jamming capability.

CNC, PLC, servo system, control system, servo motor and inverter will produce electromagnetic interference, but also by the interference of other devices. Such as inverters, servo drive PWM device itself is the source of interference, but they are also electronic devices, control panels also will be subject to interference from other products. Electromagnetic interference generated by the CNC and PLC itself is small, but pay attention to their anti-jamming.

Many engineers in the design, they tend to ignore these details. Late to reach the customer site, it was found unable to resist external interference or generate interference to other equipment, to remedy the situation.

EMC is the most important criteria of a "prevention is the most effective and most economical plan," the rational design and specification construction is to improve the key factor and a prerequisite for stable operation of the industrial products and machinery and equipment.
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