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Bryan Siler
09-08-2013 09:56 PM

Bryan Siler

Hello Everyone, I am Bryan Siler currently the North American Market Low Voltage Drive Customer Interface Product Manager for ABB Inc. Responsible for Communications Adapters and Protocols, Control Panels and Drive Software products. I have 33 years of Electronic and Communications experience, 5 years with the US Army Signal Corp (Crypto), 28 years of Manufacturing Industry experience, with 17 plus years with Rockwell Automation including being the Primary Designer of the Rockwell Automation Systems Evaluation Facility in Mequon Wisconsin, and another 6 plus years with Baldor and now ABB. Experienced and involved in R&D testing and design with Processors, Communications backbone systems (ATM, Ethernet, Arc Net, etc), Drives, Drives communications, most communications protocols including development and competency delivery of DeviceNet (TM), power quality, grounding and noise mitigation, and manufacturing systems improvement. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from such a tremendously talented and experienced group, thank you for access to this phenomenal and outstanding pool of knowledge, I look forward to learning from you and contributing when and if I can.
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