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08-03-2012 05:47 AM

AC drive VS soft starter for high torque application

Hi everyone,
I want to accelerate a 22kW motor from 0 speed to full speed in 12 seconds. I have Danfoss MCD 3000 series Soft Starter having no function to vary motor frequency.
Is there any way to use soft starter having no method to vary frequency, for high staring torque applications?

I only manage to set acceleration time to 3 seconds.
When i limit the current to 35A at 380V, the rotor can not be able to rotate. The rotor starts to rotate after 60A and catches full speed at 120A. In this case if i increase acceleration time to 15 seconds than it might damage the motor winding.

Is there any solution to run this application using same soft starter?
According to my knowledge i need to install AC drive for this application, as AC drive works like running a car on gears.