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Karl Mario
09-02-2013 09:51 PM

Karl Mario

I'm in this market since year 1971, and in VFD since 1973, my experiences spreads from motors to drives to mechatronics and power quality problems. Actually I sell systems for accurate inverter testing at R&D, and new special wireless and batteryless sensors to measure temperature on rotors during running.

I Developed 1-3kW Sensorless PMAC and ACIM drives for the very successful ITT/Goulds Pumps submersible well (borehole) pump series. Obtained CSA/UL Listings for same. Responsible for hardware, software and project management. Helped manufacturing develop production testing and quality control for the drives. Utilized TI C2000 DSPs for all VFD to date.

Devised qualification process and then qualified through lab testing (dyno mostly) a series of single single phase motors and corresponding cap start controls.
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