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11-05-2012 09:03 AM

Integrated solar power system

Integrated machine is powered by solar panels to convert solar energy into daily electricity, and stored it into batteries, then through inverter transformer changes DC to AC 220V 50/60Hz for night utilities when it's necessary, like energy-saving lamps, electric fans, refrigerators, radio, computer, printer, home water pumps, cell phone charger, TV, DVD, microwave ovens and other power supply. Base on the needs of clients, it can provide more high-power clean energy in this integrated solar power system.
integrated solar power system
Integrated solar power machine is very easy to use by one host and two 70W solar panels mounted together. Those two solar panels connected in series, then open the back of the terminal box cover, with a diameter not less than 2.5m2 wire terminated with a junction box on the plus "+" side, the other side of another junction box minus "-" end , so the solar panels can be connected in series, two junction boxes of the other plus "+" end (red color) and minus "-" (black color) side with a long wire leads, after receiving the host panel terminal signal, red wire red wire connected column (+), black wire connected the black terminal (-) to the host with the battery pack. Put solar panels on the roof or other shelter to make them into full sunlight exposure. Host it on the inside cool, dry place. The power plug connected to the host board's rear panel power outlet, the output 220V 50Hz/60Hz AC power outlet, the user must be careful about safety duty, do not use metal objects plug into the power outlet. The power plug connected to the host device's rear panel power outlet. Need to use electrical power connection on the device to insert into the socket electricity.

Integrated solar power system's front panel indicates the status of the host and a random light display output voltage value, battery capacity and LCD monitors load percentage, in addition to a USB interface, available for mobile phone charging directly.

After wiring, the rear panel of the host battery switch is closed, the left front panel switch to "ON", then the green light will on, press the right red button for 3 seconds, and with the gap beep, yellow light is on and beeps stop, the inverter output pure sine wave AC power. The AC inverter should be turned off when you don't use it, simply just press the right red button for 3 seconds, the yellow light is off, and then the host battery won't output AC power. But do NOT turn off the left side switch, unless it is re-connected the solar panels to the wire. When the battery voltage decline down to the protect value, the blue indicator light is on, battery powered off, then use the solar energy to charge it, the blue LED is off, the battery will resume power. If AC power overload or short circuit, the red light will on and stop output AC power.

Configuration controller inverter batteries solar panels technical specification:

Operation Voltage: 33V, 24V, 24V, 24V
Open circuit voltage: 42V
Rated Output Power: 140W 1000W 500W 65AH * 2
Maximum output current 4.5A, 45A, 2.5A
Output voltage: 33V, 24V, 220V/50HZ 24V
Over-voltage protection 29.4V
Over voltage recovery voltage 26.8V
Under-voltage protection voltage 21.6V
Under voltage protection and restoration current 0.5A
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